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About Us

Snow Leopard Auto is an environmentally responsible automotive recycling business, incorporated in Calgary, Alberta on September 2014 and ever since supplies best quality recycled auto parts in a fair and competitive price for Albertans. We treat our customers, suppliers, employees, fellow recyclers and the public with fairness, integrity, respect and trust. Snow Leopard Auto strive for a level of product quality and service that surpasses expectations and ensures that products are high quality and meet customers’ needs.

Snow Leopard Auto uses best business practices in a professional manner to deliver OEM recycled parts from a clean and safe work place to protect environment. While providing superior customer service to meet our customers’ needs, we utilize the latest technology and tools to perform our work and continuously evaluating our processes to implement cost saving improvement for a fair price recycled parts.

We serve both professional businesses and general public.

Our environmental practices are based on local and federal guidelines and every day we try our best to protect environment, beautify our neighborhoods and reduce the cost to our customers by returning valuable recycled quality parts back into market. From our extensive experience, we have implemented standardized policies and procedures for managing vehicles and disposing of hazardous wastes.

The recycled parts conserves our natural resources, reduces minerals extraction, allows these parts to be reused in the automotive industry, reduces landfill waste and it saves energy and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.
Snow Leopard Auto is a fully licensed auto recycling business by The Alberta Motor Vehicle Industry Council (AMVIC), the City of Calgary and a proud member of The Alberta Automotive Recyclers and Dismantlers Association (AARDA).

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