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Policies, Returns & Warranties

Snow Leopard Auto stand behind our products and policies


Parts Sales (Excluding Tires)

  1. Snow Leopard Auto offers returns within 30 days, only valid with the original receipt. Please note; Refunds  will be  credited back in the same method of payment used in the original transaction. 

  2. Customers are responsible for determining the suitability of the parts purchased for your vehicle. Snow Leopard Auto makes no claim as to the suitability of any part for a particular purpose, and is not responsible for incidental or consequential losses due to your error. 

  3. Customers may return a defective part for a replacement or a refund if all requirements specified in our warranty are met. Certain parts have a 30-day guarantee unless sold "AS IS". Engines and Transmissions have a 30-60 day warranty. Duration of time to be determined prior to purchased.

  4. All sales of parts, tires, engines and transmissions are sold "AS IS" condition.

  5. Parts that are returned, but are not defective, are subject to a 30% restocking charge. The warranty is void if the parts are not returned in the same condition in which they are sold.

  6. Returned parts must be accompanied by a sales receipt.

  7. Snow Leopard Auto  is not responsible for any parts that have been altered, modified, disassembled, or damaged by misuse or an accident subsequent to the parts purchased.

  8. ELECTRICAL SALES ARE FINAL! Sales on electrical parts such as starters, alternators, computers, and miscellaneous sensors are final. Snow Leopard Auto will replace the defective electrical part, however refunds are not available! EXCHANGE ONLY

  9. Customers may return a defective part for a replacement or a refund if all requirements specified in our warranty details are met. Majority of the parts have a 30-day guarantee unless it is sold "AS IS". All engines and transmissions have a 30-60-day warranty.



Parts Warranty

  1. Snow Leopard Auto offers a free 30-day warranty on all parts purchased for personal or commercial vehicles.

  2. If a problem is encountered with an engine or transmission after proper installation, Snow Leopard Auto requires notification PRIOR to removing the part.  We will have a technician travel to your location and verify the problem. If notification does not take place before the removal of the part, the guarantee will be voided. All parts on the engine/transmission at the time of the sale must be returned to qualify for a refund. The engine/transmission must be in the same condition as the day of the sale to qualify for a refund.  We will not be responsible for the cost of installation, labor or any other cost related to the part. 

  3. Snow Leopard Auto DOES NOT offer an extended warranty option.  We do not offer warranties that cover labor.

  4. Snow Leopard Auto provides a 30-60-Day Warranty on used engines and transmissions (Determined prior to purchase as all engines and transmissions vary depending on condition of the used vehicle)

  5. Snow Leopard Auto does not guarantee Kilometers

  6. If your purchase is deemed warrantable we will, at our discretion provide one of the following solutions: 

    - Exchange your product.

    - Offer in-store credit.

    - Offer a refund less any applicable restocking and labor fees. Refunds are distributed by our office.     Refunds are paid done in the same form of payment that was received when purchased

    - Purchasers who engage in the warranty process agree to allow a third party inspector to evaluate cause(s) of suspected failure of product. Should third party inspector deem product failed due to any circumstance outside of a defect in material (installation error for example), warranty is void.


  7. All warranties are limited to be no more than the purchase price of the item.

  8. No Labor or any other charges related to the sale of this product is warranted.

  9. Any warranties on the parts and/or accessories and hereby are those made by the manufacturer. The seller, Snow Leopard Auto, hereby expressly disclaims all warranties, either express or implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for the particular purpose. Snow Leopard Auto neither assumes nor authorizes any other person to assume for it any liability in connection with the sale of these parts and/or accessories. It is agreed that the purchaser agrees to pay all collection costs and attorney fees and costs in connection with the collection of this account

    ENGINE Warranty Void unless: All External parts that are worn, defective, different or missing are replaced and radiator flow tested by radiator shop (warranty requires dated receipt). Timing components, injectors, oil cooler, thermostat, and water pump must be replaced. Engines are sold as interchangeable long block, year and model may differ; Warranty Limited to 30 days from purchase date: unauthorized dismantling of heads and blocks void the warranty. If heat tabs are melted or removed, warranty void. Warranty does not include switches, sensors or any labor charges. Inspect and replace seals before installation if necessary. Warranty does not cover negligence or abuse of unit. IT IS REQUIRED THAT YOU re-seal transmission and engine oil pans. Engines come with a 30-day warranty unless otherwise specified on the invoice.

    TRANSMISSION are sold as an interchangeable unit with a 30-day warranty.  We remove the oil pan and filter to inspect the unit. Customer responsibility: Replace seals, gaskets, and filter before installing! Torque converter must be properly seated and aligned to the front pump. Cooling lines must be flushed of debris before installing. Some will come with NO fluid, please check and fill fluid to manufacturer levels. Failure to do any of the above VOIDS WARRANTY. This warranty does not cover fluid leaks, switches, sensors or any labor charges. Please drain the returned core. Snow Leopard Auto cannot and will not guaranty miles. IT IS REQUIRED THAT YOU re-seal transmission and engine oil pans.

    TRANSFER CASES are sold as an interchangeable unit.  Transfer case is warranted for 30 days. Verify and check fluid type, levels, and viscosity requirements. Warranty does not include shift motor, switches, sensors or any labor charges. Inspect and replace seals before installation if necessary. Warranty does not cover negligence.

    AIR BAGS must be installed and inspected by a factory trained and certified technician. Check with the dealer as components may be different. Snow Leopard Auto will assume NO liability or warranty related to this air bag or components. Any recycled air bag that is not installed correctly will subject passengers in a vehicle to risks or serious injuries, including death. The purchaser of a recycled air bag assumes all risks of damages or injuries, including death, which may arise as a result of the improper installation of recycled air bag. Snow Leopard Auto makes absolutely NO warranty express or implied, as to the fitness for a general or particular purpose or of merchantability in connection with any sale of recycled air bags. Recycled air bags are not tested to meet any safety standards



Our Business

  1. We pay the Environmental Fees- you only pay the applicable taxes

  2. If you pay a core deposit when you purchased a part, we will provide a refund of the core deposit up to 30 days from the original core item purchase date. 

  3. Quality Parts Guarantee

  4. We take the hard part out for you!  Snow Leopard Auto believes in convenience, leave your tools at home, just give us a call before coming so we can have the part ready for you! 

  5. We honor our word when it comes to pricing and products. Snow Leopard Auto is a used parts dealer, we remove the part directly from the car and time of purchase and cannot guaranteed that all products will be in working condition. Snow Leopard Auto will always allow exchanges accompanied with a receipt on defective products. 

  6. We believe in reducing our carbon footprint- Snow Leopard Auto ensures all waste and toxic materials are disposed of properly to reduce the risk of pollution in the environment

  7. Snow Leopard Auto accepts all forms of payments

  8. Snow Leopard Auto has the right to refuse service to anyone

  9. Snow Leopard Auto does not condone harassment of any kind, racial slurs or verbal or physical abuse towards any of our employees or customers. 

  10. Snow Leopard Auto is not liable for any injuries that happen while on our lot. All persons should be PPE ready before entering the premises. Enter at your own risk. 

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